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There is always a good reason to throw a party, right? In fact for us there are a few.

Back in September 2016, we linked up with the team behind ‘Schizo’, exchanged ideas of how a good party should look like and decided to be a part of this project as a sponsor.

Just as you can guess from its name, each party has its own motto – or how we call it an own personality. Since then FCKBRANDS was represented on all four Schizo-parties which were thrown in one of Düsseldorf’s top notch venues, the ‘Ufer 8’. Each party got bigger, better and came with bolder innovations. Improving a party concept incrementally is one thing, but translating new and more radical approaches, ideas and innovations into reality is a whole different story. That’s why we kept our efforts always high within this partnership.

Together we created for each party – fitting to its motto – an exclusive merch. Not for sale, but for us.


We realised quickly that people connect emotions they experience on a good party with what they see around. And since FCKBRANDS was an integral part of each party they connected those positive vibes with what we have to offer as a company. 

If you do not just want to know about it, but actually experience it, join us on this Friday (3. March ’17).

You are very welcome to drop by and be a part of a movement aiming to make Düsseldorf’s party scene great again!

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A couple hundred platforms for fashion already exist and every day new labels enter the already highly competitive market of fashion and textile. So why did we decide to build FCKBRANDS and start our own labels?

First of all, we are not fashion designers. We did not study fashion and we do not have any professional fashion background. What we do have is a passion for the things we wear. Clothes are the closest things we wear on our skin and furthermore they are the most public form of self-expression.

Realising how brand focused many people are, we fantasised about how we could change this; how can we change the perceptions of what’s stylish; we went even further and asked us: how can we change the fashion world and the way it functions. Our answer bears the name FCKBRANDS.

We actually wanted to start our own label, but we came to the realisation that a label is not enough to carry out such an ambitious vision.

Starting from the scratch with our own label meant that we needed to deal with the very basic questions: where can we find a trustful manufacturer, how can we raise the awareness for FCKBRANDS, how do we organise our logistics and many, many more. Questions every label has to deal with sooner or later. That was the point where we decided to build a platform and not just a label because once we got all the answers to the common questions, why not offer them to other upcoming labels?

That’s the story. We started with BRANDNOBRAND – our first own label -, learned some valuable lessons, added our second label NEW OLD, learned even more and now here we are. Two weeks ago we went online with FCKBRANDS.

We offer upcoming labels a platform to reach customers worldwide. We offer them a network where they can benefit from the experiences other labels made.

We offer customers an exclusive range of products with our two labels and an access to upcoming labels which are usually hard to find.

This combination makes our platform unique. You don’t need commercial brands anymore – fuck brands.

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